Prior to the Arrest;

police-vehicleIf you have a warrant on file for your arrest, you should turn yourself in to the authorities as soon as you are made aware of this fact.

Simply walk in to any police station or approach any sworn police officer(s), identify yourself to them and inform them that you have an active arrest
warrant on file.

However, if you are being sought for questioning or have been named as a “person of interest” in a criminal case or have reason to believe the police or another citizen may go before a Magistrate seeking criminal charges against you, it might be wise to do the following things;

  • Contact your attorney or make arrangements to retain competent legal counsel. An attorney is the only person you should discuss your case with
    prior to or after the arrest.
  • Make arrangements with a professional Bond Agent to help secure your release after notifying or retaining legal counsel. If you are taken into custody, having the services of a professional Bond Agent will help secure your release if the Magistrate or a presiding Judge grants bond.
  • Turn yourself in to the authorities with all possible speed.

There is very little that you can do to prevent the arrest from taking place but if you choose to attempt to avoid capture, not only will you be adding to
the problems that currently confront you, it will delay the bond process and it could make you ineligible for bond while possibly lead to additional criminal charges.

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